Friday, March 30, 2012

Today I went to Shane's office after workout -- directly after workout!!  I stank.  (Miriam Webster says that this is, indeed, a word!)  I went there stinky because our documents were due back by 10am from being apostilled in Austin!!  This was the final step before being able to mail them.  When a document is apostilled, the notary who signed the document is verified by the Apostill-er and then a sheet of paper saying so is stapled to the front of the document.  SO, I spent the morning CAREFULLY removing staples and copying, then re-stapling, each of the documents and their apostille so that we could have copies of them before we sent them to EE for translation and for our team to petition the courts on our behalf to make this thing official!!  Then we carefully organized them in the correct order and they are FedExing as I type to get the show on the road!!

My heart is about to BUST out of my chest with a roller coaster of emotions!  I am thrilled, anxious, excited, confident, concerned, elated, heart-broken, anticipatory...and the list goes on.  There are so MANY unknowns -- to us but God knows them all already!  The way that this whole crazy ride has come together so miraculously just reassures me that we are doing the EXACT right thing at the EXACT right time.  Why He didn't choose to bring "Yuri" into our lives 14+ years ago or any other time, but chose to do it now, I have NO idea.  Why it's "Yuri" and not another child, I have NO idea.  When this will all transpire, I have NO idea.  Why "Yuri" has had to spend his entire life without parents, I have NO idea...but what keeps getting reinforced is that GOD has laid it out and knows even the minutest of details and is going to make sure that they all happen EXACTLY when they're supposed to.  So, we rest and trust.  And we trust not in ourselves or any other human, but in the Creator of the universe.

One of the devotional books I have, had another "word" that spoke directly to my heart last night.  It was about resting in the Lord.  It talked about how when you're in the will of the Father, you can rest.  When Jesus slept in the middle of the storm when he was on the boat with the disciples on the Sea of Galilee, it was because "He knew without a doubt that they were not going to sink.  The disciples who were with Him were afraid because they didn't yet understand that the God who created the very water their boat sailed in was in the boat with them."  When we know Who is in control, we are able to rest.  I LOVE that. 

And so...we rest.

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