Sunday, March 25, 2012

So, yesterday (Saturday) Cammie (our middle child) decided she wanted to have a lemonade stand to help raise money to bring "Yuri" home.  We got some lemonade, she made a sign that said "Help me bring my big brother home" with "Yuri's" picture on it.  The last time she did a lemonade stand, she made quite a haul -- the profits then were to help our dear friends bring their son (our "nephew") home from Russia -- again, her idea.  I didn't want her to get her hopes up because her expectations were high as she raised well over $300.00 for our friends the last time.  I didn't want to discourage her lofty goals though, either, so I kept my mouth shut.  So, she set up shop on the corner of our street and I sent out a txt message to some friends to let them know about it and posted it on Shane's and my FB pages.  She was out there for about 2 1/2 hours, had several friends join her in her efforts and didn't "charge" for the lemonade, but just accepted "donations".  She made $289.00. 

She's already been offered a job in sales from one of my other friends whose husband is trying to find some decent sales people.  8-)

Cammie's heart is so tender toward adoption and being part of God's redemption plan for those in need.  It's a precious thing to watch in action -- and I love that she puts her money where her mouth is!!  8-)  (literally!)  I'm so thankful for our friends who came over for a cup of lemonade (and the strangers too!) and for sharing our journey with us.  We are EXTREMELY blessed!!

Tomorrow morning I'm picking up our completed Home Study so that I can FedEx it to the right place.  Please pray that it will fall into the RIGHT hands at the RIGHT time who will get it turned around quickly and send it back to us QUICKLY.  Pray for a FAST fingerprint appointment (and, if you want to get specific with the Lord, one that's significantly LESS EVENTFUL than the last one!) and turn around of the results.  Pray for "Yuri" as he still doesn't know about his family coming after him and has to be concerned about his impending birthday and what that will bring.  Thinking about what turning 16 means in America as compared to what it means when you live in an orphanage in Eastern Europe is startling.  I want him to know that the rest of his birthdays will be spent with a family who loves him dearly and wants to CELEBRATE his life each year!!  Please pray that he will have peace in his heart, even though he doesn't know about us yet. 

We cherish your prayers and concern for him and for us!!  Be blessed, friends!

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