Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So, I just thought we were in "waiting" mode...but there's MORE to do and we can do it now!!  We will begin sending our completed documents over to EE today with some $ and permission for them to begin working on our behalf!!  They will begin translating the documents and preparing them to go before the right people seeking approval for us to schedule a trip.  Travel won't happen till quite a bit further down the road, but it's all becoming EXTREMELY REAL!!!

Please continue to pray that EVERYONE who touches our documents will feel an URGENCY to get them off their desk and to the right people!  This case is just another of the hundreds that are on their it's entirely possible that it could just get set to the side.  I'm having to seriously remember and rely on my earlier posts about control -- and relinquishing it.  8-)  NOT MY FORTE'!!!!!  But it is all still true today and in that I will rest.  Who am I to think that puny "I" can do something to help God out??  He has it.  He has us.  He has "Yuri".  He has the paperwork.  He has the people working on the paperwork.  He even has the government!!  We are fully and completely leaning on the Lord to work out the details.  He's got OUR details -- AND he has YOUR details...whatever they are that YOU are dealing with today!!!  It's pretty cool that we don't have to fret, huh?

" Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Be blessed today, my friends!!

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  1. We love reading your posts...always so uplifting and keeps me reminded of the awesome God we serve! Our prayers are with you and all the people involved! Don't worry...we had paperwork fly through in places it "never" did in Suriname. God bless!