Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not a whole lot to post today except that we know that our papers made it to Austin and the mission was accomplished there and they are headed back to us tomorrow morning!!  We then have to send some other paperwork to CA and OK for those to be apostilled there...this is what you get for moving around a lot -- a messy paper trail!!  (that's me, not Shane, btw)

We will send our papers and our $ tomorrow over to EE to get the ball rolling there.  We got an email from one of our team this morning that I started reading to Shane while he was in the shower.  It was titled something like "now that you're almost done with the paperwork..." and had some descriptions of what will follow.  I was reading and one of the first things was "Step 1" with some bullet points to follow.  I thought the first sentence was Step 1 and the second bullet point was actually Step 2 and so on.  So I read through the first about 12 bullet points under Step 1 and discovered that Step 2 FOLLOWED the 12 bullets!!!  That was ALL Step 1!!!!!  I gave up reading any more (which was a good idea b/c Steps 2 - 8 followed -- each with an equal or greater number of bullets under them!!).  We each read that email later -- independently of one another and were nearly paralyzed/nauseated at all that is still to be done -- and it must all be done exactly to specifications!!

So, all that to say, we have a LONG way to go...the paperwork may actually just be the FIRST trimester of the pregnancy!!!  It's going to be quite a journey, but the anticipation of what the Lord has called us to just makes me nearly giddy!!  That He would lay "Yuri" on both of our hearts and so completely change Shane's heart toward US adopting (he's TOTALLY pro-adoption -- he does it almost every day as part of his law practice!!!  He handled over 70 adoptions last year!  He's just always thought that we would help OTHER people with THEIR adoptions!!) all in about 3 minutes one day a little over a month ago, is just beyond me. That He would work to put people in place to help expedite the mountain of paperwork that has been done in the past 3 weeks is unfathomable.  What plans he must have for this child of His that He has so graciously spared for the past 15 years until his family can find him!!!  I just know that with God, the possibilities for "Yuri" once he gets home are endless and I can't wait to show them to him.  And with God, the sphere of influence "Yuri" might have on others and their families is LIMITLESS.  And with God, THIS is all entirely doable and possible.  Apart from Him, we're going to fall flat on our faces...but nestled in His strong, capable, comforting, way-preparing arms, we are safe on this journey -- ALL of us.

I hope you go to bed tonight knowing how much you are loved by Jesus.  If you don't know Him...please find someone who can help you meet Him and ask them to introduce you.  Start with me if you don't know who else to ask!!  Goodnight!

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