Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Well, there's not a whole lot to post today about adoption stuff...we have all our paperwork complete.  There are a few things to be apostilled and then they will be sent to our team in EE.  I read lots of information today on what things are like in the country and how it will likely be when we are there.  It's COMPLETELY intriguing and entirely overwhelming.  I believe it will be yet another lesson in relinquishing control (hmmm...wondering if the Lord is trying to teach me something here...I seem to see a recurring pattern...) as we will be totally at the mercy of those who are there who speak the language, know the "rules" of the area and will be telling us where to be and when!!!  It will be so very interesting to "surrender" ourselves to their leadership.  These are people we know about but that we don't know personally yet at all.  They are already working on our behalf to make things happen there now that we know nothing about -- yet. So many are giving of themselves on behalf of these kids who need their forever homes - just because they love kids.  It will be a sheer privilege to meet them and work with them.

I wish Yuri/Sam could know of all the people who are working, all the phone conversations being had, all the texts back and forth, all the time and money being invested, all the prayers being offered, all the excitement by those who have never met him, all the efforts being put forth by so many people -- ALL on his behalf!!!  I wish right now he could know how much he is loved!!!  It fills me to overflowing knowing how many people care about his well-being.  Please don't stop praying for him.  Please pray for us.  Please pray as we are that the Lord will prepare him for us and us for him.  We want this transition to be as smooth as it possibly can for him as he is leaving EVERYTHING familiar to him and coming to an entire world of all things new with almost complete strangers...we will have gotten to spend some time with him in the days while we are there, but there will be LOTS of trust involved on his part to leave all that's comfortable to go to a world of unknowns -- permanently!!  Please pray that his heart will be well-prepared to make the necessary adjustments.  There will be many!!



  1. Just wanted to say I'm one who's prayed for "Sam" since his story came out...I'll be eagerly following your journey. I was so happy when it was announced he had a family--then troubled to hear they had to let go...but I'm glad there was another plan in place. I so appreciate and respect everyone involved.

  2. just echoing the above comment - I was captivated by Sam's story when I first saw him on RR and have been following the story on the other family's blog. I'm glad to catch up on your story now and eagerly anticipate seeing how God continues to work it all out!

  3. Don't stress about being in-country! We were there 34 days - and LOVED every minute (after I got over my homesickness!!). I did 5 posts 'for those coming after us' - you can find them on my blog in the 'labels' section if you click 'Ukraine'. I had to seriously let go of my type a personality....but now, after 5 months home, I can't WAIT to go back!!

    Praying for your family, and your sweet boy on the other side of the world!!