Friday, April 27, 2012

So, I had lunch with a friend (DW) today who is moving out of state.  We were enjoying our last lunch together sitting outside in front of a restaurant where we could see everyone coming and going.  It was enjoyable...the weather was nearly perfect and the company was great!  We talked and talked and I watched people as we were talking.  I love watching people.  (I have about 4 hours in an airport this weekend -- MAJOR people watching opportunities abound at an airport!!)  So, I noticed a friend on the phone and just waved to her.  She waved back.  After she was done on the phone, she came over and said she needed to give me a phone number.  I got my phone out to put it in, but she said she didn't have it with her now, but wanted to give me the story for when she DOES get it to me.  Her dad has been in the hospital for some time and in that time has had a number of nurses.  One of them is from Poland (I'm pretty sure it was Poland...but in the excitement, I may have gotten that detail wrong...) which is not Sam/Yuri's country, but she understands his language quite well!!!  She said she doesn't speak it as well as she understands it, but if that's anything like our exchange students have been, she's nearly mastered the language!! (they always underestimate themselves!)  She had heard through visiting with this friend while she was tending to her dad that Sam/Yuri is coming soon and the nurse wants to help with translating for him!!  My friend said that this nurse is SO EXCITED to meet him!!  This is a woman I've never even met and she's so excited to meet our son and wants to help him adjust to our country!!  How crazy is that?? 

So I thanked that friend and then DW and I finished up lunch.  While we were sitting there chatting more, another friend (DF - this could get confusing!) came up with a friend of hers whom I've seen at my son's gymnastics classes, but had never met.  Adley was in a commercial for the gym yesterday with DF helping tell him what to do & when, etc. and we were talking about that - and then she asked if I'd ever met her friend LJ.  LJ asked "are you Adley's mom?"  I said I was and that I didn't think we'd ever officially met.  She told me that her husband and mine had met with a mutual client in a meeting together the other day and my husband had shared the story of Sam/Yuri with him.  She said that they thought it was so exciting and that they wanted to help in ANY way they could.  She told me that her husband coaches younger boys soccer teams and that they'd love to have Sam/Yuri help with that if that's something he's interested in after he gets here!!!  I'm not sure if I've mentioned before on this blog that one of his passions is soccer.  He told the woman who met him at the orphanage that when he needs to think or blow of steam or almost any other reason, he goes out and plays soccer.  He has been to a soccer camp not all that long ago and he wants to play soccer when he comes here.  (We've already let the soccer coach at the high school here know!!!)  8-)  Anyway...I think it's safe to say that this kid's passionate about soccer.  What a gift it would be for him to be able to be involved in soccer on a regular basis in addition to playing...  Wow.  I thanked her for her kindness and told her we'd definitely be in touch.

Two people in one lunch -- neither of whom I know -- waiting to love on our son -- that I don't know!!  LJ said she was really excited to meet Yuri/Sam and the only answer I could give was "Me too!!!"  I LOVE that our community is SO excited to meet this kid and that he already has people who want to help him adjust and develop his passions!!  God has put SO MUCH in place to make Sam/Yuri's life here full.  We are SO anxious to get him here (have I mentioned that yet on this blog??) to give him all the things he's never had -- not necessarily material things (but that will be fun too -- he'll have his first pair of his OWN shoes, his OWN jeans, and can develop a sense of style, etc...) but love, support, parents, siblings, activities, opportunities, and an introduction to Jesus!!!  I just know that the Lord has big things in store for this young man!!!

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your hearts with me today!!  I am filled to over-flowing!!


  1. I still have pics for you and my daughter would love to connect with Sam when he is home. I sent you an FB invite today. God bless your continued journey.

  2. My husband and I have had Sam's picture and story on our refrigerator for several weeks now. We have been praying that God would lift up a family for him. I cried tears of joy tonight when I went on the RR site and saw that Sam's family has found him!!! God bless you all!