Monday, May 21, 2012

Ok, prayer warriors.  I'm in a quandary.  I have mixed emotions/feelings/learnings about whether we can change the mind of God with our prayers if we pray earnestly enough.  Well, I'm willing to, once again, try it.  We found out today that our travel date will at least be after June 7th.  This is not good news.  If it's around the 7th, we can work with that...but if it gets much further back, we're gonna be in a bit of a "situation." 

Before we even knew Sam/Yuri existed, we planned a trip to Scandanavia for our family.  This (most likely "once in a lifetime") trip is to reunite with our exchange students and their families -- some of whom we've met, some that we have not and also to meet our new exchange student (also planned before the existence of Sam/Yuri in our world) that is coming in August.  If our travel date is much further out than the 8 or 9th, we will not make it home in time to get ready for our other trip and recover from the time difference, pack, and be ready to travel again (but with 3 kids!) etc.which means that an orphan will be sitting in an orphanage still not knowing his family for months longer than he needs to be.  This does not make sense in my feeble mind. I still realize that the mind of God is too wide, deep, high and long for me to even begin to grasp, but this just doesn't add up.

So, I need you to storm the gates of heaven and petition the Lord on our behalf and on behalf of Sam/Yuri.  We need a travel date TOMORROW or the next day at the LATEST!!!  We need to get over there to at least get the first trip out of the way so that he can "wait" (that stinkin 10 day waiting period) while we're on vacation and then come home in early August.  Heck, while you're at it, just ask the Lord (with us) to waive that 10 day waiting period so he can come on the trip WITH us!!! (our desire!!!)

I will certainly keep you posted...Thank you for praying!!!


  1. lifting mine. Love you. Trusting in His perfect and mighty plan.

  2. I am praying for you all, what a horrible decision to have to make... BUT God has already been so AMAZING at providing, I know He will not let you down!