Friday, June 15, 2012

We are packing with frenzy around here!!  As our travel date nears, we are overwhelmed with all that is ahead of us!!  We are amazed at what the Lord has done thus far to get us to where we are in this process: Renee meeting Sam while adopting her daughter & him asking her to find him a family, a mutual FB "friend" of Renee's and ours posting Sam's picture on FB, Shane and I both seeing it and hearing a call from the Lord to "do something about it" & our kids being on board with it, the whole crazy world of paperwork & passports falling into place so beautifully, meeting the deadline we had to get it all done on such a short timeline, the support of our family and church family and now, our travel dates in place and our adventure into the unknown finally beginning!!!  8-)  I am completely overcome with emotion when I think of where we are today and where we were February 23 of this year -- when we didn't even know Sam existed!!!

Our lives changed on Feb. 24.  We don't really even know how at this point -- but I'm certain it's for the better.  Soon, we will know the extent of those changes as we meet our son.  Please continue to pray for his heart to be prepared for our family and for our family to be prepared for him.  We are asking a lot of this child -- to leave everything comfortable and come to a world of unknowns.  But we know that the Lord has been working to get him to where he is and will continue to work to unite us as a family.

We will keep this blog updated as much as possible.  We are unsure what our accommodations will be with regard to wireless, etc. there.  Hoping for wi-fi everywhere we go!!  8-)

Blessings, friends!!


  1. Awesome!!! So excited to get updates!

  2. We are lifting your family up in prayer.

  3. Praying for you!

  4. Praying for all of you and look forward to more updates when you can. Love to all-Katie & Reagan